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Thursday, 31 October 2013


Hello guys...
Yeahhhh..... Finally its of my fav month...hehehe
So, i hope everything gonna sailing smoothly and i earn a lot of money..
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So, how about you???....i hope that you love november too...
You know... Because a lot of interesting things in november...
Ok guys.... Teeheee....
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Happy helloween

Hello guys and happy helloween.....

But actually in Malaysia, we do not celebrate it.... I think so :)

Ok guys....Helloween or hellowe'en is a contraction of  All Hallows' Evening.... And also known as All Hallows's eve.... If you guys don't even know about it,  actually helloween is a yearly celebration observed in a number of countries on 31 October...

There are so many activities that they do .... But, i think that this celebration is just focus on children.... I don't know

( i found this picture... But guys , look at the baby... The baby doesn't looks like a ghost.... The baby is still a baby.... Hahaha... But, well done mr baby :)

Hehehe.. This one ok.... His name is jairwoo... Don't worry if you dont know who is he... I'll tell you about him later... Hehehehe

Ok guys... Come again to my blog... Follow me if you can :) Please ...hehehe....
Thanks... And bye2 :)

anything should be clean

When you break something, is your first impulse to throw it away? Or do you repair it but feel a sadness because it is no longer "perfect"? Whatever the case, you might want to consider the way the Japanese treated the items used in their tea ceremony. Even though they were made from the simplest materials... these teacups and bowls were revered for their plain lines and spiritual qualities. There were treated with the utmost care, integrity and respect.

For this reason, a cup from the tea ceremony was almost never broken. When an accident did occur and a cup was broken, there were certain instances in which the cup was repaired with gold. 

Rather than trying to restore it in a what they would cover the gace that it ahad been broken, the cracks were celebrated in a bold and spirited way. The thin paths of shining gold completely encircled the ceramic cup, announcing to the world that the cup was broken and repaired and vulnerable to change.

And in this way, its value was even further enhanced.

Sharp wire brushes leave your caviar looking clean

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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Sacrifice (quotes)

Hey guys...
Now, i need to learn about sacrifice ... Yuppp.. I totally agree with the quotes that sacrifice is one of the purest and most selfless ways to love someone... but. for me, sacrifice is not only need to love someone, you need to sacrifice for many other things.. because i believe that success do not come alone... it comes with sacrifice....

Ok guys ... see you again :)


Thursday, 17 October 2013

My lovely mom

Hye guys.... I'm back... Now I want to share about my mom....

Do you know what is the definition of mother??? After make a research ... Wallllaaaahhhh....I found it :)

Definition of MOTHER...the greatest unconditional and infinite love we will ever experience in our existence..
  • She always helped me when I needed her;When I got myself in trouble for doing stupid shit she refrained from passing judgement, just listened as I cried and offered her help or her enveloping arms;
  • She is, has and always will be strong. Probably the strongest person I know.
  • She and my dad are endlessly, intensely adorable and love spending time together. The prospect of getting married is far less daunting when I have the two of them to watch.
  • She’s really, really, really smart, but she also still enjoys learning new things.

I need my mother's love because she is the one who born me into this world, fed and clothed me and raised me into the woman I am today... my mom taught me so much on respect and dignity. She taught me family values and the importance of them. She always gave me inspiration to be anything that I ever dreamed on becoming...and to never give up on anything without a final try. She taught me right from wrong and always be true not only to yourself, but to others like you. My mother's love is genuine and irreplaceable... she will always be there for you, either to treat the bruises on your knees, or simply just kiss the pain away... she listens to your problems and gives you advice... nothing in the world is greater than a mother's love.
So guys,,,please appreciate them...tehheeeee

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My friends ( PHoTo Time )

Hye again :) tonight, I wanna post about my friends :) cheers 


Why do we take pictures?

We take photographs to make the old new. We make pictures to create a possibility out of the impossible. Or is that an impossibility out of the possible? To make stars out of lights, bubbles out of shadows and rock stars out of ordinary people.

To climb, to create, to story tell.

To remember.

Why do you take pictures? Let’s make a list together. Tell me.

      This is our picture.... Together in many ways... I love this pic

Adib and lokman want to be a Colgate model...let's pray for them :) lol

        Me and one of my roommate (joe) and he's not korean

I genuinely don't know why they edit their picture like this...hahaha

             Taufiq using my vaio at Old Town White Coffee

                     We are who we are #sportypeople#lol

                   Hisam #johorean

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Types of women I hate

Ok guys... For today I make a list about several types of women that I really hate... Enjoy :) 

“Guys girls”

How to be one: claim that you are a ‘guy’s girl’ and that you simply get along better with men. Say this without being consciously aware that your distaste for nearly every woman you become acquainted with (and by ‘distaste’ I mean ‘combination of intense fear and jealousy’) precedes actually becoming acquainted with any of them. The better-looking the female is, the greater your unfounded hatred should be. Be unable to refrain from physically reacting when one of these girls enters the room; grit your teeth, tighten your fists, eyeroll at everything they say. Create a self-fulfilling prophecy such that most girls hate you because you are so impolite.

“Pretty girls”

How to be one: if you do have girl friends, they should either be extremely good-looking or much less attractive than you. If they are exclusively babes you are That Girl Who Collects Pretty Friends To Try To Appeal To Men. You likely make out with girls at parties to try to get guys’ attention. You wear little clothing. You talk frankly about all the casual sex you have in front of men to try to seem extremely sexy. If you only have unattractive friends you’re That Girl Who Hangs Out With Ugly Chicks To Seem Hot By Comparison. The upshot here is that in addition to being the dude magnet of your group, your friends constantly compliment your appearance and success with men. By consequence you probably have an unfounded ego and treat your friends like shit, just so you know.

“Awkward girls”

How to be one: Draw attention to your flaws and insecurities by trying to pass them off as ‘adorable’ quirks. For example, at a club say, “Oh my god, I can’t dance, I’m sooooo awkward!” Remind everyone of this every ten minutes or so. Attempt to come across as super chill and secure but instead make it quite obvious that the opposite is the case and you’re trying to guilt someone into saying, “It’s okay, we can just stand by the bar then.” In every case do this without knowledge of the fact that no one would have noticed your flaws or insecurities had you not made such a big deal about them.

“Wifey girls”

How to be one: forget you have friends the second you get in a relationship. From day one when someone says, “What are you doing tonight?” begin answering by saying, “We are thinking of staying in.” Decline invitations to spend time with your friends on even the odd chance that your significant other wants to hang out with you, even if this means the majority of the time you end up clearing your schedule futilely.
Alternately, become extremely jealous when your friend gets in a relationship. Experience subconscious jealousy that they’ve been able to find a partner and allow it to manifest itself by accusing the friend of ignoring you or not being appropriately committed to the friendship. Talk about the friend behind their back and say absurd and hurtful things about how they don’t really even deserve a relationship or how their significant other is inferior for one reason or another.

“Stalker girls”

How to be one: at any given chance, intercept people’s private communication. Say things like, “Who are you texting” regularly enough that it seems rude and irritating. Memorize people’s Facebook passwords. Go through their e-mail when they leave it logged in on your computer. Do this without regard for how inappropriate and invasive this is, as well as how offended you would be should someone treat you that way. Feel motivated to do this because of your insecure and unfounded concern that your friends and/or significant other actually hate you and are out to conspire against you in some manner. Use whatever innocuous information you find to build this case. Expect your boyfriend to begin every conversation with a female by announcing that he has a girlfriend; anything less indicates he’s cheating on you. Expect your friends to tell you ever single personal detail about their lives and when you discover something they haven’t shared, feel slighted. 
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